‘Shopping locally online’ is a concept that appeals to consumers in more and more countries. Miinto, who gathers local fashion stores on a single online portal, has just entered the Swiss market.


87% of all Swiss use the internet to shop and they love it. In 2017, the revenue for goods and services sold online reached 55 billion DKK. More than 8 million fashion conscious inhabitants live in this sweet spot between the world’s fashion capitals of Paris, London, and Milan. A market that is obviously influenced by the big international players, Switzerland will now receive company from Danish Miinto – with a concept that brings together the best local fashion stores in a strong, joint online fashion portal.

“Switzerland is characterized by multi-brand stores with a refined assortment of local and international brands. With one of the highest personal incomes in Europe, Swiss have the margins to care about CSR, fair trade and overall favour quality over quantity,” says Tina Munkholm, Country Manager of Miinto Switzerland.


Switzerland thus truly hits a ‘sweet spot’ for Miinto, whose concept is to offer the best local fashion stores to join forces on one united platform that can beat the international mono-brand and multi-brand platforms.

Miinto sells items that are taken straight from the shelves and sent to customers by local stores. The items are carefully selected by the shop staff, who are ready to give both advice and guidance – including to online shoppers on Miinto.ch.

“We see that the overproduction of clothing – and many other items – is a problem in all markets and it simply makes no sense to us that consumers in a local market would have to buy their goods from a foreign online store when the products are already on the shelves locally. When we collect around 200 of the best local stores in a country, we are able to show a very wide and solid selection of the most popular international and local brands, while delivering the items faster and ensuring that the actual physical stores will still exist in the future” says Konrad A. Kierklo, Founder of Miinto.


Miinto.ch will go online mid-November. Country Manager, Tina Munkholm, expects that within the first year, Miinto will start working with the 50 best local fashion stores that have both a clear fashion profile and as a great assortment of both international and local products.


Download full press release (DK)

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