Who we are

Leading online fashion platform in Europe, Miinto is one of Scandinavia’s fastest growing eCommerce businesses. Founded in 2009, we are now connecting online shoppers, boutiques, and brands in 13 European markets.

A collective of independent fashion stores

The rapid and relentless rise of e-commerce is a challenge for small and large boutiques that cannot compete with the big international webshops. 

Miinto makes it possible for independent fashion stores to sell online in a fast, easy and cost-effective way and, consequently, expand their market. By joining Miinto, they become part of a large community of independent stores gathered on a large, powerful online platform for fashion – while online consumers get the opportunity to shop from hundreds of clothing stores, all gathered on one platform.

Unlike other e-commerce platforms, we don’t have a warehouse. All orders placed on Miinto are sent to our independent partner boutiques around Europe, who prepare and wrap them with love for each customer.

Bridging the gap between offline and online

We aim to provide our customers with the broadest and finest assortment of fashion clothing and accessories from popular, up-and-coming, and undiscovered brands, so every one of them can find something he loves on our platform.

We believe that fashion is made in physical retail boutiques who know their customers by heart and have passionate sale advisors with a true understanding of what great customer service is.

Miinto is about online shopping with a purpose. We don’t have highly advanced robots handling stocks and packaging. Miinto is a platform creating contact between customers, shop owners, and brands.

Curated selection and personal service from independent boutiques on the one hand.
Convenience and flexibility of online shopping on the other hand.
Miinto combines the best of both worlds.

  • We don’t have a warehouse, we don’t have stock. We believe there is more than enough products in the market and we believe that fashion is coming from physical retailers. It’s the feeling, the service from the local retailers that we’re trying to capture and bring online.

    Konrad A. Kierklo
    Konrad A. Kierklo Founder, Miinto

A team of passionate specialists

Miinto was founded in 2009, and today we are over 200 people based in our head office in Copenhagen and in our regional offices across Europe.

‪We’re all passionate about our work and take great pride in shaping the future of a more sustainable fashion industry. We’re driven ‪by our strong belief in the power of digital to re-connect consumers with local shopping and invent a true omnichannel ‪consumer experience.

We work with the most passionate and skilled in-house specialists in Tech, digital marketing, customer experience, and partner success to build a truly personal and inspiring shopping experience for every one of our customers.

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