How we work

Joining forces

The strength of Miinto concept – which we like to see as a fashion network – is that we are made stronger by collaboration with our many partners, independent fashion boutiques united in the Miinto community. And the more partners we have, the better our platform gets. We invite stores to become part of the Miinto family and fashion e-commerce community. Collaboration is our livelihood and partnership makes us stronger – independent but standing together.

Transparency is key

Miinto’s business model is quite simple and transparent. We only earn money on the sales we create for our partner shops, which means we take a commission for the sales that the store accepts. For us to succeed, we rely on our partners to succeed.

Word of mouth

We experience a strong and growing interest from retailers for Miinto concept, showing that many of them do realise the importance of adapting to changing consumer behaviours. A notable share of the shops we sign has been brought to us by word of mouth – existing partners who recommend us to their network after seeing an increase in their revenue when collaborating with Miinto.

Shop and support local

Many fashion boutiques experience a great deal of pressure from the online giants, which may result in smaller stores closing down as they are not able to compete on equal terms. We see the stores as our partners and believe our concept is the future because it is sympathetic, sustainable and provides a solution for the local boutiques to thrive in the long run. We offer customers the opportunity to shop online from multiple independent boutiques in a seamless and hassle-free way.

Connecting offline & online

Online shopping is here to stay – and we want to support the physical shores by offering them an additional sales channel. We strongly believe there is still a need to shop in physical stores but the omnichannel is an inevitable step to respond to the growing demand of modern consumers for convenience and large assortments.

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