Connecting shoppers, partners and brands

At Miinto, we don’t believe in fashion by algorithm. We don’t believe in standards and streamlining. We love and embrace diversity, and make sure that no matter who you are and who you become, you will find yourself with us.

This is made possible by our broad network of independent partner stores throughout Europe, all having their own unique assortment and curatorial team and selling their products on Miinto. This allows us to offer an incredibly rich selection of products from more than 5.000 fashion brands.

Online shopping with a purpose

Miinto is a community of real people connected over their love for fashion. We have the chance to collaborate with hundreds of shop owners, all passionate and proud about their store and product assortment, and eager to add their personal touch to every order – making the shopping experience on Miinto truly social and personal. 

Customers benefit from a varied and extensive product selection conveniently gathered in a single place, while physical stores can reach new segments and thereby, sell more of their inventory. In this way, contributing to closing the gap between what is produced and what is sold – for the benefit of our planet and local communities.


We don’t have a warehouse handling stocks and packaging.

Miinto is a platform creating contact between customers, shop owners, and brands.









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