Brand agreements

Our goal is to shape the future of a more sustainable fashion industry by helping independent fashion boutiques generate additional revenue and increase their sell-through. Our agreements with brands serve this purpose as well.

A turnkey solution for boutiques

We have developed a plug-and-play system that makes it very easy for boutiques to become part of the Miinto network. While brands provide all product data and images to Miinto, boutiques only need to connect their POS system to start selling their products online on Miinto.

Getting both product data from brands on the one hand, and real-time stock data from boutiques on the other hand, allows us to provide end-consumers with the best and most updated product details and images, as well as with reliable stock information from all over our network of partner boutiques. It also gives us the opportunity to merge the stock data from different boutiques selling the same item, under a single product; therefore, providing an optimal shopping experience to our users.

No more missed opportunities

Miinto’s product selection is curated by shop owners who store the items in their physical stores, from where each order is shipped. Should the stores not be unable to fulfill an order, brand partners can step in and complete it instead. This set-up guarantees the best satisfaction for the end-customers, as well as the maximum revenue for the stores.


Brands get full control over their products and identity

On top of that, brands collaborating with Miinto get total control over their brand identity and brand page, making it possible for them to express their universe in the best possible way.

We already have agreements with 200+ brands including:

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